Small Animal & Bird Foods, Treats and Supplies

Foods & Treats

PetZoo has partnered with some of the finest producers of small animal and bird food in the world to bring you a wonderful, healthy assortment of foods, supplements and treats. Natural, quality ingredients, many years of experience and the guidance of top veterinarians make any of the foods and treats PetZoo offers an exceptionally good choice for your bird or small, furry friend!


For over 30 years, Habitrail has built a solid reputation for developing creative and reliable ways to house hamsters safely. There is nothing like Habitrail. Unique, innovative and contemporary, Habitrail is renowned for its product creativity, ingenuity, reliability and safety. Their creative habitats and trails create virtually endless setup variations, and its tunnel-like concept replicates real-life burrowing conditions that hamsters enjoy. They also have many access points that allow close interaction with hamsters.

Living World

Since 1972, Living World has been committed to making the lives of pet birds and small pets more comfortable by developing products that care for their well-being. Their extensive line of food, hays, treats, supplements, bedding, litter products, cages, toys and accessories are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of pet birds and small pets. Their goal is to develop naturally-made and naturally-looking products that encourage natural behavior and make pets feel instinctively comfortable.

If you are looking for a specific item please call your local PetZoo. Product selection varies by location.