Chickens – Food, Treats and Supplies

Chick Breeds

Our chicks are sourced from Meyer Hatchery. We receive an assortment of layers.

Scratch and Peck Food & Treats

Born from the need for clean, quality feed, Scratch and Peck products are Non-GMO project certified and certified organic. They use a blend of organic regional grains grown by family farms. While all of their products are soy free, the Naturally Free poultry feed line is both soy free and corn free. Their moto…Egg output is only as good as the feed input. Family-owned and operated since 2010. Scratch and Peck also offers a variety of treats and supplements for your animals. They package these products in their mill and offer them as a way to supply extra nutrients, natural pest control, or dietary aids for your animals.

Nutrena NatureWise Foods

Nutrena poultry feeds were created to provide the perfect combination of nutrients for the birds you care for. After all, good nutrition is the first step to raising healthy chickens for any purpose. NatureWise Feeds are a premium source of high-quality nutrition with natural ingredients you can rely on to keep your flock well-fed and healthy. All NatureWise poultry feeds contain FlockShield healthy flock support, which promotes gut health and supports bird immune systems. Whether you’re raising layers or meatbirds, there’s a variety of products to support your birds at every life stage.


PetZoo carries a wide range of supplies you’ll need to start or build your backyard flock! We have chicken coops in all shapes and sizes. Plastic and galvanized feeders and waterers, brooder heat lamps, and replacement bulbs.

If you are looking for a specific item please call your local PetZoo. Product selection varies by location.