Cat Foods, Treats and Supplies


Today’s food science and technology allows PetZoo to bring you all types of food products which are specially formulated to provide your kitten, or full grown cat with the proper nutritional balance they need, whether dry, soft-moist diets or canned diets. Choose from healthy, nutritious brands which provide a balanced diet and keep your kitty’s tummy tantalized while your enjoyment of this furry family member grows each and every day.


PetZoo’s large selection of premium quality cat treats will inspire you to reward your cat while providing a delicious supplement to their diet. We carry brands who are owned and operated by animal lovers just like you, and who truly care about your pet’s health. Ingredients like salmon, protein-rich chicken, turkey and beef, wholesome fruits, vegetables and grains (or grain-free) will have your favorite feline purring wildly!


Behind every happy cat or kitten (and their owner) is the right assortment of cat supplies, including the right litter box, kitty litter, catnip toy, and food dishes. PetZoo offers a broad assortment of cat supplies with your cat’s health and well-being in mind. From catnip to fanciful and fun food dishes, to just the right type of litter, PetZoo has it all! Because we want every member of your family to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

If you are looking for a specific item please call your local PetZoo. Product selection varies by location.