Fish and Reptile Food and Supplies


The staff at PetZoo understands the special bond between a pet and it’s owner, and we work hard to ensure the enjoyment of both by providing the right foods, supplies and knowledge necessary to successfully care for these unique pets. We’re proud to offer fish and reptile foods and supplies that are specifically designed for each species – and their delicate digestive systems – in mind. Our goal is to maximize the energy, health and life span of your pet by helping you to provide just the right habitat and diet.

Reptile Supplies

Exo Terra has become the market leader for natural terrariums and herpetofauna because of their commitment to successful, continuous innovation. Exo Terra’s natural approach has created a tremendous evolution in the world of terrariums. Their extensive product range–filtration, lighting, habitats, heating, nutrition, substrates and accessories–creates more naturalistic terrarium landscapes and makes reptile and keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever. All products and components are designed to work together, creating a harmonized natural-looking microhabitat. By combining the right Exo Terra products you can cater to almost any species from almost any specialized habitat.

Fish Supplies

Fluval has earned a global reputation for excellence in product innovation and dependability. A trusted leader in aquatics, Fluval is committed to staying at the market forefront by developing technically advanced and creative products that are easy to use, durable, and convenient.

Marina’s vast product line has something for every fish hobbyist. Beginners will truly enjoy the convenience of their fish starter kits and more experienced hobbyists will appreciate the reliability and efficiency of Marina filter and heaters. Their wide variety of creative and colorful decorations – such as plants, ornaments and gravel – bring visual life to aquariums, while its maintenance and breeding accessories are practical, timesaving, and reliable.

If you are looking for a specific item please call your local PetZoo. Product selection varies by location.