Caring for Your Pet

Supporting Alaskans and Their Pets

PetZoo is committed to responsible companion animal ownership. The care sheets below provide important information about the proper care of your animal, but are not a substitute for regular veterinary care. Owning and caring for a pet is an important, long-term commitment, which requires consistently meeting the needs of a specific animal. A responsible diet and feeding routine, appropriate habitat (including the right lighting, temperature and materials), the right amount of social interaction, and any regular veterinary care your animal may require. Please consider these criteria carefully before you decide to become a pet parent. These animals depend on you for their health and happiness! They can provide lots of fun, fulfillment and enjoyment if cared for properly.

The PetZoo Guarantee

Any pet you purchase from PetZoo has a home for life. If for any reason you cannot keep your pet or take proper care of it, you may return your healthy pet to us (no refunds) and we will find it a qualified home. To view the pet care and safety sheets you will need Acrobat Reader. Clicker here to download.