Pet Adoption Days

Adoption Clinics are held each weekend at PetZoo stores. Please call ahead to check specific hours and store locations. Please also check our Facebook page for clinic dates and times.
Anchorage PetZoo : 907-344-2966  |  Eagle River PetZoo : 907-622-2966  |  Wasilla PetZoo : 907-357-7335

Pet Adoption Services in our Community

Adopt-A-cat Shelter:
Phone: 344-8808

Advocates for Dog & Puppy Wellness:
Phone: 907·351·1385

AK Cat Adoption Team:
Phone: 907-982-2228

Alaska Animal Rescue Friends:
Website: askananima1rescuefrfends-org
Phone: 907-727-6728

Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue (Wasilla):
Phone: 745-7030 

Alaska Bird Club (Anchorage):
P.O. Box 101825, Anchorage, Alaska 99510
Phone:(907) 868·9070 (voice mail only) 

Alaska Reptile Rescue (Anchorage):
Phone: 248-4419

Aussie Rescue Alaska (Anchorage):
Phone: 345·6828

Anchorage Animal Control:
Phone: 343·8252

Bouvier Adoption &. Rescue:
Phone: 346·1929

Chateau Pampered Purr (Anchorage, cats only):
Phone: 248·0155

Clear Creek Cat Rescue:
Website: sites/

Compassion In Action (Wasilla):
Phone: 841·0502

Equine Rescue:
Phone: 1·888·588·4677

Friends of Pets:
Phone: 333-9534

German Shepard Rescue:
Phone: 332-2352

Great Pyrenees Club of Anchorage:
Phone: 561-3922

Last Chance Animal Rescue (Anchorage):
Phone: 868·8831

Last Frontier Newfoundland Rescue:
Phone: 349·1171

Mat Su Borough Animal Care Facility:
Phone: 907-746-5500

Mat-Valley Kitties (Wasilla):
Phone: 841-7711

Meadow Gates Farm Sanctuary –
Dogs, cats and rabbits
Phone: 907·357·6437

Parrot Education&. Adoption Center (Anchorage):
Phone: 929·2473

Pet Rabbit Adoption &. Rescue:
Phone: 677·7276

Precious Pit Bull Rescue of Alaska:
Phone: 382·7487

Rascal & P.A.L.S. Ferret Rescue& Resort:
Phone: 275·1920

Phone: 562-2999

State Veterinarian, Bob Gerlach:
Phone: 375-8200